Coming Out of Recession--The Good News

Technically we came out of The Great Recession in September 2010. Until now it sure didn't feel like it. Here are the early December summaries for autumn 2013 economic activity. 

1) We are seeing signs of recovery in the job market. October unemployment dropped to 7% from 7.3% in October - moving in a better direction. 
2) First time claims for unemployment dropped to a six year low. 
3) Overall income dropped a smidgen but spending was slightly up. Go figure. 
4) Consumer credit for car loans and higher credit card activity point to increased consumer confidence. 
5) Saving the best for last - October home sales jumped significantly over September numbers, prices pushed a bit higher and inventory levels dipped a little as a result. 

We should see more good news in 2014. How does this news impact your home buying/selling plans for 2014?