McGinn Group Food Drive - 2013

Wow! We had such a great time on Saturday!

We have wanted to do a Food Drive for a while, now, but knew that so many people are generous during the Christmas-season that it might be better to do it OFF-season. 

The Howard County Food Bank confirmed that thought.

So we planned our drive for the Spring.

We set up outside the Giant at Dorsey Search, and then watched the magic happen.

We know we have generous and wonderful clients. But wow! It was so much fun to see so many of you make a special trip to support this great cause (We're just sad we didn't get pictures of all our clients who visited - but the response was overwhelming!).

We also met many wonderful and generous people.

So generous!

Many individuals didn't want to bother with doing the shopping themselves - so they gave us cash donations. At the end of our 4 hour event we had nearly $200, and Ninon made one last grocery run to spend every penny! So great!

One wonderful couple stopped in after completing a 5K run, and then donated an entire cart of groceries!

One teenage boy - shopping by himself for just a few items - donated a can of green beans. 

One young mother ran up to us in the parking lot (after we had officially finished and were packing up Trucky), and added her contribution of several bags of groceries.

There were many elderly people who donated $1 because they wanted to help, but didn't feel they could afford to do more. It sure added up by the end of our Drive.

We offered cookies (made by  Mike Blasko of Cookies 'n Milk) to everyone who donated. They were a hit. It's amazing how people appreciated receiving a great chocolate chip cookie for doing good. It was WIN-WIN all the way! 

We had such a great time. There has recently been a lot of bad and scary news stories about the inhumanity of man. And sometimes it makes us forget there's so much good out there, and so many good people who do good.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We work with the greatest clients EVER, good people that we know are all busy "paying it forward" in so many different ways.

We have the best job ever! Because we work with the best people ever!

Thank You.

Boyd, Laurie, Scott, Ninon & Debbie

Thanks to Stu for this artistic interpretation
of one of his photographs

The shopping carts are beginning to fill up

It was so much fun to see our clients come donate

The manager of the Giant was very helpful

As was Laurie's grand daughter
She was a GREAT help loading up Trucky

Cliff (Laurie's husband) is always a good man to have around
- especially when you want to get some work done
What does 1300 pounds of food look like?
It looks like this!