How Happy Are You?

Here's something interesting.

Gallup and Healthways recently released their annual Well-Being Index for 2012. The Well-Being Index compiles surveys taken from all over the country, and asks participants to evaluate their lives according to six categories: 
  • Life Evaluation: how a person’s current life compares with their expectations
  • Emotional Health: deals with the respondent’s experiences and feelings on a given day
  • Physical Health: encompasses diseases, physical pain, sick days, body-mass index, etc.
  • Healthy Behavior: addresses both positive behaviors (e.g., exercise) and negative (e.g., smoking)
  • Work Environment: questions for workers on job satisfaction, treatment from superiors, etc.
  • Basic Access: includes access to food, housing, healthcare, etc.
Based on those categories, how do you think you would score?

And can you predict where the "Sadness Belt" of America is?

Click Here to go to the original article, and find out the answer.

Hope you're happy!