Do You Know Your Number?

The real estate market is shifting significantly right now. Before last year, most homeowners would not imagine selling a house for the prices being offered today. Current home sale prices are being compared to the types of returns investors get during stock market surges and crypto- currency spikes. Homes continue to sell in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.

Even if you are not thinking about selling your home, there are three questions you should ask yourself:

  1. How much MORE is my home worth today?
  2. What amount of money, if offered, would cause me to move?
  3. If the current situation continues, what is my best-case scenario?

Knowing your number does not mean you are committed to moving, but it does mean you are committed to being prepared. Every real estate market is different. This market is here today, and I remain committed to provide you with the most timely and accurate information. If you or someone you care about is curious about these numbers, call or text me and I can help you be prepared.

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