Five Crucial Reasons to Have Your “Annual Home Review”

Our world today is all about preparation and implementation, and just like you do an annual tax return, it’s equally important to do an 
“Annual Home Review”. Your home may be your biggest investment, so it’s critical to keep up-to-date on the answers to these five crucial questions:

  1. What homes near you have sold for and how does this impact you?
  2. What new tax laws give you deductions or credits on home improvements?
  3. What’s happening in your neighborhood that will impact the value of your home?
  4. What changes have occurred in your life that will alter your goals over the next 5 years, and how to prepare now to take full advantage of them?
  5. What’s occurring with your current mortgage and what new possibilities would benefit you now?

The next time you are in a conversation with a friend, family member or neighbor who is talking about their home’s value, remember the future always belongs to the person who prepares. I am completely prepared to help you and the people you care about. Call or text me and I’ll get started right away. Together, we’ll do everything possible to make the future better than ever!


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