Should You Risk Selling Your Home Before You Find Another One?

There is one real estate cycle that scares people more than any other - and we are in it. When the inventory of available homes is low, home sellers have an unusual advantage. Sellers can set the terms and control the process because they don't have as many competitors, which means buyers have fewer choices. 

But here is the problem: You may really want a larger home, or a smaller home, or simply a different neighborhood, but in order to buy your next home, you have to sell your current one. 

The Question is: Do You Take the Risk of Selling Your Current House, Then Hope You’ll Be Able To Find Your New Home? 

As an agent, it is my role to strategically protect you while maximizing your advantages - even when you become a buyer in a seller-centered market. Let me explain and if you would like to talk about it in more detail, call or text me and we can explore my Risk-Free Sell Your Home Find Your Replacement Home Program…here is how it works.

STEP 1: You and I meet in person / on the phone / on video call and discuss the value of your home. We decide on a strategic price that will generate multiple offers. 

STEP 2: We effectively market your home so you receive the amount you want. 

STEP 3: We include in the contract with your new buyer that you have 14 days to find a replacement home. The new buyer is locked in for 14 days, with a significant earnest money deposit.

STEP 4: We quickly find your next home.

STEP 5: If we don’t find the replacement home in 14 days, the buyer is released and you are not obligated. Or you find the perfect replacement home and we let the buyer know that you are removing that condition, and we choose your move-in date. 

Right now, sellers do not want risky offers. Experience shows sellers will accept the best offer with the fewest number of conditions – like needing to sell your house before buying their home. With the Risk-Free Sell Your Home, Find Your Replacement Home program, my role is to shift risks away from you and use your assets to make you the strongest negotiator. 

So think about that for a moment... 

Imagine what that would look like to have nine offers on your home, lock in a buyer so that you can go out and actively look for your dream home, and if you didn’t find anything, you just stay where you’re at. No harm. No worries. Let me know what you think about this, or feel free to share this new program with those you care about. 

Hope you are well... let’s talk soon!

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