Maryland Monday

Last Friday Ninon and I went for a drive to Sheperdstown, WV, Sharpsburg, MD, and The Antietam Battlefield with my sister and her husband.

The setting sun over Antietam
Once a year a horde of volunteers gather together to create an unforgettable landscape in the Antietam Battlefield by setting up 23,000 luminaries: one luminary for each casualty of the bloodiest day of fighting during the civil war.  

It will take place this Saturday, December 7, 2013.

Three years ago I went with Ninon. It was difficult to get pictures with a point and shoot camera, but here are some of the pictures we took that night.

If you are interested in seeing this you can click HERE for details.

It is quite the experience! Be sure to pack your patience! It's a long, long line!