Catching the Green Wave

I am constantly aware of the need to be more green in all we do. Since I was born (I won't tell when) the earth's population has doubled! That is a big number, and living on the Eastern US Seaboard where there are millions and millions of people, going green is critically important. 

Here is an interesting article about the greening of new home construction. It contains some ideas you can apply in your existing home - at very little expense. One thing we can encourage legislators in Maryland to do is change building code to require 6" exterior walls instead of the 4" walls currently used. R20 walls should be the norm here. They have been in other areas of the country for over 20 years. We are really lagging behind! 

Sunwest Development is a construction company in St George, UT, that builds beautiful, quality homes. I like to be on their email list, because they send out good information. 

Click Here to Read about the Greening of Construction

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