Doing One Thing at a Time

My business is such that I could literally run 24/7 and still not get it all done. I live my life on call and I never know when someone will pop up with a referral. I love it and am always ready to spring into action. That's the good side. 

The bad side is it's easy for the lines between business and personal life to blurr so much that boundaries completely disappear. That situation isn't healthy nor is it conducive to good business. Nobody can run all the time and ever hope to be good at anything. I work hard at making sure the saw is sharp and there is good balance in my life. It isn't easy.

I thought this blog by Tony Schwartz addressed our modern reality and reaffirmed some age old principles that apply no matter what.

I'd like to share them with you.


The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time


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