Home is Where the Heart Is. Eh?

I came across this article today about a Lynx that was trapped in Canada and relocated to Colorado in 2005 as part of a reintroduction program. Over 200 Lynx were relocated to re-populate the species after they had died out in the state. Over the past 5 years this Lynx (BC-03-M-02 as he was known to the biologists - I think I’d call him Homer) methodically made its way back to where he started, demonstrating a remarkable homing instinct. The sad new is that he perished in a trap once he arrived back in his home territory in Canada. Although the story has a sad ending it does say a lot about how important home is to all of us on this planet. But, this story does have some good news. Homer fathered two litters during his stay south of the border so his family genes will be around for a long time to come. Travelling cross country in hostile territory for over 2000 Kilometers through three states and one province– I’d say that’s pretty good for a 25 pound cat who knows how important home is.

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