Welcome to Snowmageddon 2010!

It’s hard to believe the weather we have been experiencing over the past few days. In my area we had around 32-34 inches Friday and Saturday with another 10 to 20 inches on the way overnight and through tomorrow (Wednesday February 10, 2010). Our lives are full of cancellations and delays. Travel is difficult and a little scary. People are not used to snow packed roads and snow banks that tower over 10 feet high in some places. Intersections are interesting – making a left hand turn is an exercise in faith. You can’t clear traffic until your car’s nose is already into the oncoming lane. Wow! This weather has raised a lot of concerns about snow load and a phenomenon called Ice Damming. No pun intended. I thought I’d share some info that might be helpful.

Be safe out there and pray for spring!

Snow load – most roofs are engineered to handle the snow loads we are experiencing. Safety advisories warn people that removing snow from your roof can be dangerous for obvious reasons, but it can also create problems. First, the additional weight of people tromping around on a roof already heavy with snow can actually cause the very condition you are looking to avoid – collapse. Secondly, it is easy to damage roof shingles removing snow since they are not designed to be scraped with a shovel. It may be best to hire professionals if you feel you need to have snow removed. For most pitched roofs, there should be no problem.

Ice Damming - this condition occurs when snow build up on the edge of a roof and creates a dam sending water back up under the shingles and into your attic. Here are some helpful links to identify the problem and what to do to resolve it.

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