Property Tax Assessments and Homestead Tax Changes

This is the time of year when the triennial property tax assessments begin to appear in Maryland. They begin to arrive any time between mid December and the end of January. Every three years your property value is reassessed and your tax rate is based on that new assessment. Last year I sent out a special alert regarding these changes in order to help save you money -- perhaps lots of money. Here it is again so take a close look and see if this has any impact on your taxes -- especially in light of the drop in home values over this past year.

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Property Tax Assessment

Every three years your property value is reassessed for tax purposes.
With the recent decline in real estate values you want to be watching very closely that your assessment is not too high. If you feel your assessment is too high here is what you do:

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If you missed the time period for appeal or if you are not in your year for assessment you can use this section to reapply.

Petition for Review Application There is no formal application for assessment appeals that are not Petition for Review. The homeowner would have to follow the directions on the attached information sheet, which can also be found at

Homestead Tax Credit Changes

Last year the Maryland State Assembly made changes to the Homestead Tax Act which now requires that you reapply to keep this important credit on your principal residence.
If you are being reassessed this year that application will be inlcuded in with that information. Be sure you don't miss it. DO IT NOW!!!!!

Explanation for Homestead Tax Credit
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Commonly Asked Questions
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Information from the State Department
of Assessments and Taxation

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Online Homestead Application Note: to the best of my knowledge, this can only be used by homeowners who have their Homestead Tax Credit information that was mailed from the SDAT.

Application that Homeowners can print and mail with or without their information that was mailed from the SDAT.

Keep in mind, to the best of my knowledge you can only apply for this credit upon receipt of your tri-annual assessment notice or within 180 days of the purchase of a property.

Special Note -- Make sure you don't miss this form in the paper blizzard the state sends you!

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