Home Inspection 101

A common question I receive relates to Home Inspections: What are they and when are they done?

A home inspection is a thorough and detailed examination of the property, typically carried out on behalf of and paid for by the buyer. It will involve a licensed home inspector taking about 3-4 hours to thoroughly inspect the property from top to bottom. An inspection on the house will alert buyers to defects that might not immediately be apparent. Purchasing a home is an emotional process, and buyers usually choose a house based on how it affects their emotions. In other words how it feels and how they picture themselves living in the home.

A home inspection is a great way to ensure that the new home is in good physical condition with all systems working as they should. That way falling in love with your home will continue to be a positive experience. The inspectors will start with the roof, work around the exterior and then focus on the electrical and mechanical systems of the home. They will check all major appliances that convey with the property. They also inspect the plumbing and finish off in the attic. It is important to remember that "There Is No Perfect House." The home inspector's job is to draw attention to any deficiencies. Those deficiencies could range from a leaky roof to heat or AC systems not working properly. Inspectors are also up to date on any industry developments that could affect your safety.

Once the inspection is complete, there are three typical responses to deficiencies identified:
  1. The defect is minor in nature and the buyer decides to move ahead without asking the seller for any remediation.
  2. The defect is serious enough that it needs to be addressed. For example, a water heater does not function properly. As long as the seller agrees to repair the appliance, the buyer agrees to continue with the home purchase.
  3. The deficiency is so serious that a decision is made not to continue with the home purchase.

Over the years I have managed to develop a list of qualified professional home inspectors – people I trust to provide my clients with excellent information on the home they are purchasing. I always recommend to my clients that they do a home inspection before purchasing a property. I often recommend that my sellers do the same before they put their home on the market. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this process.

Thanks for helping me better serve our Real Estate Community.

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