Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund

Every now and then I come across some information that can save my clients lots of money. Here is a good one. There has been a program in place in Maryland since 2004 that provides significant incentives to upgrade existing septic systems anywhere in the state. We live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, which means that all rivers flow into the Chesapeake. With population densities as high as they are, waste water effluent along with urban and agricultural runoff are the most common contributors to nutrient discharge into the Bay. The Bay Restoration Fund was created to help address that issue by introducing new systems that do a better job of removing phosphorus and nitrogen from waste water effluent. These new systems basically function like mini sewage treatment plants and do a much better job of removing the unwanted elements.

The Bay Restoration Fund Pays for:
  • removal of the old tank
  • installation of the new tank

This means that homeowners who would like to upgrade their septic systems are eligible to receive a gift that would cover costs that could amount to as much as $15,000. The new technology involves some electrical and pump components so it is a little more involved than the old-style systems that simply had two chambers and used gravity to do all the work.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about this plan, here are a couple of resources that you might access:

Septic Service Providers

I spoke to a representative from the state about the program and their biggest concern is that not enough people are aware of it. On a recent home inspection a Septic Contractor took my clients and me through the ins and outs of the program and how it works and I find it hard to think of any negatives associated with this initiative. Check it out. It could save you a lot of money. The Bay Restoration Fund pays for the replacement of an outdated septic system and you get to help the Chesapeake Bay at the same time. A classic win-win.

An interesting note - there are no natural lakes in Maryland. Due to our topography all water (creeks and rivers) run quickly to the bay and all lakes are man made.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - our tax dollars can work for us!

Anonymous said...

I never knew that, good to know, thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to be able to help the enviroment without putting a hole in your wallet! Thanks for the tip!