Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of My Weekly Blog

Human interaction and communication in today’s society is very interesting and complex.

When I was a little boy things were different and simpler. Frequently my parents would take me and my sister, get in the car, and go visit various family friends. We would drop by their homes unannounced (almost always everybody was home back then) and have a great visit. There was not much planning involved and nobody was expected to “put on the dog.” The adults would visit, get caught up on the latest and the kids would play with each other. At some point some sodas (pop in Canada) and potato chips or cookies would be provided and after everyone had a great time we would all go home. When was the last time you did something like that?

Well, my daughter started blogging a couple of years back and has really discovered an interesting and effective way to communicate (visit) in today’s busy world. Blogs allow you to visit with people. You can always visit a blog unannounced. You can also post comments and share ideas – open a discussion. More and more people are blogging these days. Blogs seem to fulfill an inner need for humans to communicate and share life’s adventures – the ups and downs.

I hope to create that same experience for our Real Estate Community and others who wish to visit. There will be lots of discussion about real estate of course. The current home market is a hot topic these days but not all of it is negative. In fact there are some very positive things happening in a pretty challenging market. I will also try to share interesting information that will be helpful for happy living. Some of it will be financial, and some health related; I plan to provide information that will help with the stuff of daily living and home needs. Most of it will include some humor along with the practical. I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to invite others to visit.

Thanks for helping me better serve our Real Estate Community.

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