Special Needs of Young and Old


When someone moves or relocates to a new home, experience shows two groups of people need extra time and empathy—families with young children and seniors. Not because they are fragile, but because they tend to share a similar life experience, which is living in the same place for a relatively long time.

For instance:

- A 10-year-old who has lived in a home for six years

- A 30-year-old who has lived in a home for 18 years

- A 70-year-old who has lived in a home for 42 years

The people in the above scenarios have one things in common: They have lived in the same home for 60% of their life. Although 60% isn’t a magic number, it’s enough time to that  imagining a new home or community adds an emotional impact.

Whether they are young or old, I work with the  whole family to help them imagine a new home with the resources they need to make their next move smooth, easy and something to look forward to.

When you introduce me to people who need extra care and understanding, I will always meet their real estate needs while remembering to address important emotional needs that exist in every move.

Thank you for trusting me with the most-special people in your life.

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