In the Big House

There is an old adage in real estate which says, "Don't buy the largest house on the street." For decades, it was a good idea to buy a home that fit just right in the neighborhood. If most homes on a street had 3 or 4 bedrooms, it was not a good idea to buy a home with 5 bedrooms and an office and an extended family room.  We're now seeing a shift, and based on current home buying behavior, the market indicates that people believe the trend to work from home will continue and maybe even expand.

We see people eagerly searching for large homes with enough rooms to accommodate dual home offices and classrooms. Many people are looking to move to rural areas in search of larger homes with the ability to expand.

People who have large homes and no longer need all of that space are in a great position to sell quickly. The next time you notice a friend, family member or neighbor who has more room than they want, send us a quick text and let's talk about all the ways we can help them.

The quickest ways to introduce us to the people you care about:

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