Weekends on Wednesday

Veterans Day Parades
Here is a site where you can find where the parades are on Veteran's Day...Veterans Day Parades in Maryland

Waterfowl Festival
Ninon and I went to this several years ago. She wanted to buy a duck decoy for one of our kids for Christmas. The first decoy we saw was $20,000! So if you like to look at beautiful, pricey things, and watch dogs compete, and eat deep-fried Snickers bars (it was my first and my last), then this is the place you should be! Located in Easton. It is well worth the drive. Waterfowl Festival

Go for a Hike
Here is a link to a great article on how to hike with kids. If you scroll down, there is a list of 6 Kid-Friendly Hikes available in our area. It's a good excuse to get out and enjoy Mother Nature before it gets too cold. Family Friendly Hikes