Interest Rate Alert!

Here are some rates today June 29, 2010
They will never get lower than this! If you know someone who would like to take advantage of these historic rates, please call!

30 yr fixed at 4.5% NO POINTS

15 yr fixed at 3.875% NO points

5/1 ARM 3.5% NO POINTS


30 yr fixed 4.5% no points

5/1 ARM 3.5% no points



Low E Glass and Doors

Here is a great article about Low E glass in widows and doors. There are still incentives for energy efficient windows and doors in Maryland through to the end of the year. It’s a good time to consider upgrading windows and doors.

Great News!

We have now launched a new search program that we are making available to our clients. It’s called Listingbook and it’s one really neat and powerful program. Here’s what it can do for you.
  • Create your own searches and then customize them to your specifications
  • Get up to the minute sales info such as Days on Market, Price Changes, Price Reductions, Sold Info
  • Save your favorite homes on a Watch List
  • Organize your multiple searches using a simple online interface
  • Set up property alerts
This fully integrated communication tool allows you to stay on track and not miss any important information. It’s one of the ways I put good information into your hands – quickly. Using these features you can closely watch the market in the way you want to watch.

Feel free to give it a drive or recommend it to your friends. Here is the link select me as your agent and I will be able to help customize your search and provide you with an enhanced information package.

Housing Market Diagnosis: Bipolar

There are lots of factors pulling and tugging at our housing market and these can vary dramatically depending on where you look – Maryland – Nevada – Florida – Michigan – California etc. Our regional economy still performs well due to the steadying influence of the government. Other areas are not so strong. The bottom line is we are going to bounce around for a while yet while seeing a modest improvement later in 2010. This article  really paints an accurate picture of some of the uncertainty we are seeing. Don’t forget. uncertainty can provide opportunity.

Existing Home Sales Soar In April

Home sales jumped as a result of the April 30th deadline for the government grants. The winter storms took a lot of momentum out of the market but just before the deadline we experienced a surge. (click here) Since the deadline we have experienced a mixed bag of activity, some areas and price ranges have continued active while others have definitely languished. I expect to see a little more stabilizing occur over the next few months as our economy continues to improve. In the meantime, interest rates are still a great bargain, in fact one analyst pointed out that the lower rates we are seeing now could actually equal the $8,000 grant if new buyers remain in their homes for the next 4-5 years.