Buy the Home Twilight was Filmed In!

For all you vampire lovers – blood is in the water. The home Twilight was filmed in is up for sale and the price is being reduced! Click Here for More Info!

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Introducing our New Feature--Home Improvement Section

I have been blogging for over a year now and enjoy the opportunity to communicate with our many readers. I have had a growing interest in sharing more info about Home Improvement. The housing downturn has turned up lots of neat ideas on topics from how to save energy (Green Tips) to fixing your leaky faucets to low cost home updates. I am going to launch this new feature with an interesting new green gadget – the Dual Flush Toilet Conversion. It’s an interesting topic to start with but one that is near and dear to all of us. Ok – let’s carefully move on :)

Here’s the link – enjoy!

Housing Recovery in Early Stages

We are now beginning to see solid signs of recovery in the housing market. This report (click here) is one in a pattern of news items that begin to document the housing recovery. Price increases are certainly a sign that things are beginning to firm up, but a full recovery is still a ways off. It is however an early indicator that prices for the most part are as good as they are going to get. Coupled with low interest rates 30 year fixed conventional @ 4.99% and FHA @ 4.875% represents tremendous value opportunities.

As the recovery gains traction, we will see interest rates begin to rise and this period of unbelievably low rates will have passed.