Are You Having a Hard Time Keeping Your Balance?

Life has its challenges. Not the least of which is finding balance. My oldest son Alec was attending a conference recently when someone asked the speaker, "How do you balance all of life's responsibilities?"

He responded that he doesn't think of balancing his responsibilities as much as he thinks it's more like the circus performer who spins plates. The plate spinner has all these plates on poles, and if one slows down too much he rushes to it to spin it faster again, and he goes from plate to plate, giving attention where it is needed most.

So isn't that like life? Instead of beating ourselves up because we aren't finding a perfect balance (because everything is constantly changing), we should focus on giving attention where it is needed most at that time. Sometimes work will be more demanding, and sometimes family will be more demanding, sometimes our charity-work will be more demanding. We just adapt to the situation, and keep all those plates spinning!

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