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Don't be Fearful. Be Factual.

If Buyers and Sellers were just to take the news at face value it would be very easy to get scared in today's market. The better thing to do right now is to look for the facts. We hear about 8% unemployment but what we don't hear is that means that 92% of Americans have jobs and are getting their salary every single month. We hear how the market is doing and how the banks are failing but we don't hear much about how interest rates are at a six decade low right now.

There's a huge inventory of wonderful, great-value homes that are on the market right now; selection is high, interest rates are low, prices are low, and it's a fantastic time to be a Buyer. This also opens the door of opportunity for Sellers as well. Your home may not be worth what it was at its peak, but neither is the one you will buy. The fact is that since you will most likely purchase a home that has a higher value than yours, its 15-20% value drop translates into a greater reduction in sale price than yours. That means the math works to your advantage. If you couple that with low interest rates you are getting a double bonus.

Don't be fearful, be factual.

Thanks for helping me better serve our Real Estate Community.

Kind of like "On Star" for Real Estate...

I am really excited to blog about some new technology I just launched. It's called Voice Pad and here is how it works.

Let's say you are driving through a neighborhood and you come across a home with a For Sale sign out front. This home looks very nice and you are interested in finding out the asking price along with other details such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, if there is a finished basement, or lot size. At this point you think, "I'll email Boyd tomorrow and get the info." While this is a good way to get the info, wouldn't you really rather know right then and there while you are looking at the property?

Now I have a solution for you. My new technology allows me to set you up with a dedicated phone number that you put in your cell phone speed dial. When you see a home, you call Voice Pad. Immediately they answer and provide you with detailed info for that home. It's kind of like On Star for real estate. It is really fast and is also very simple. I have test driven this technology and if it is easy for me it will be a breeze for you. It's also fast. I'm no lover of slow phone systems that take forever to get info into your hands. This is so quick you'll have what you want in an instant.

If you or someone you know could use this technology, email me at and I'll get you started.

Let me know if you are interested.